Calico Mountain Complex: Gov't Claims 1/2 Million Acres Can Only Hold 600-900 Horses; Removing 80-90% of All Wild Horses


Below is the original post by BLM on the colt who was run so hard and long his hooves were destroyed and the BLM decided to kill him.

BLM Caters to Livestock Industry and
Scapegoats Wild Horses and Burros

Below is BLM's official pie chart outlining food and water resources allocated in the wild horse Herd Management Areas in the Calico Mountain Complex, Nevada (2009-2010).
As the chart shows, livestock is given ~50% of all resources even in wild horse Herd Management Areas ... wildlife gets 25% and wild horses only 25%


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Jan 16, 2010: Video below from the Calico roundup on January 16, 2010.  On this day public observers were only allowed to document approximately 1.5 hours of the roundup. This after driving for 2 hours to get to the trap site. Public observers have been told by BLM officials that pending weather conditions, roundup activities last from dawn to dusk - approximately 10 hours per day - meaning public observers only view a small fraction of the roundup on this day. 

APHIS necropsy of Foal Run to Death on Jan 1, 2010 available
On New Year's Day, the BLM rounded up 10 wild horses but only captured 9 because a 6-month old foal died en route. APHIS vet at the scene, Dr. Al Kane, reported that after being chased by the helicopter for "1/2 mile" the little foal was falling down and died while being chased by BLM helicopters. This foal lived his last moments in utter terror, forced to run, falling repeatedly and his family being stampeded away by government-contracted helicopters.


The BLM either doesn't understand or doesn't appreciate the importance of natural selection. Natural selection is nature's process which ensures strong genetics are passed on to future generations; that means some individuals will naturally survive and reproduce more successfully than others. Natural selection builds healthy populations.  

BLM claims by removing horses from the range they are helping them - because they claim the horses would "starve." Nothing could be further from the truth - removing horses from the range does not help the horse population because it is an arbitrary and unnatural reduction process and the BLM program subverts the important natural selection which has always guided specie survival on our planet.                                    

BLM's indiscriminate reduction of populations - in the case of Calico 80 to 90% - removes the certainty and safety of natural selection and denies the wild horse populations the ability to ensure strong, long-term survivability.

Gov't Broken Wild Horse & Burro Program
Congress needs to take action to fix the government's inhumane and tax-wasting wild horse and burro program. Sadly, the Obama Administration has proven to continue the same Bush Administration policies and business as usual continues at the expense of the horses, burros and American taxpayers.

For more on how you can help stop the Obama/Salazar plan which is bad for wild horses and burros click here.

It's time to have Congress hold BLM accountable. The public needs to speak up against the Obama request for the $12-million increase to the Wild Horse & Burro (WHB) Program and $42.5-million for a "mid-west preserve." Last year Congress increased the WHB budget and the same bad, Bush policies that remove and scapegoat wild horses in order to benefit commercial interests were accellerated. 

It's time to demand that Congress:

1) Require an immediate suspension of all roundups.
2) Continue to forbid wild horses be allowed to go to slaughter.

3) Require that BLM focus resources towards on-the-range improvements and management.
4) Acknowledge the importance of natural selection - something that is completely void in the BLM program.
5) Require BLM to allow public access (observers) at all aspects of the taxpayer-funded roundups and in all short- and long-term holding facilities (access continues to be restricted in various ways - sometimes by keeping observers so far away, and other times by restricted viewing access).

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